5 Minute Makeup Look!

5 Minute Makeup Look for University

If you’ve just found out that you will be heading to university in September (congratulations) or are currently at university; then this makeup look is perfect for you. Since I’ll be going into my final year of university, I have had already two years of experiences with morning lectures and rushing around getting my makeup on before I’m running for the bus. You have two options, you can either stick with your normal routine and wake up earlier. Or, find a quicker alternative and get them extra 10-20 minutes in bed. I recommend the latter. Realistically you will have around 5 to 10 minutes to get your makeup on before running for the bus, as even though you set your alarm at 8 a.m., you actually got up at 8:20 a.m. and your bus is at 8:40 a.m.

For me, there are a couple products that I know I can throw on quickly, and will still be happy with the final look. The products I reach for are powder, eyeshadow, eyebrow, mascara, lipstick and highlighter. However, if you know you can’t walk out the house without liquid foundation, then you do you, and find a couple extra minutes to create that flawless base. I obviously start off with cleansing and moisturising my face before I put on my makeup, but I don’t include this in the makeup routine.


I start off my makeup routine by filling in my brows to create some sort of structure to my face. I usually get my brows tinted and waxed, which helps me out in these early mornings. I then move onto my eyeshadow, for an everyday university look I try and go basic with a touch of shimmer. I have been loving this NYX warm neutral palette as it has the perfect mixture of colours. I always sweep a neutral nude over my entire lid to be used as a transition shade, today I used the 2nd shade on the 2nd row. I then add a deeper brown into my crease and outer corner and blend this out into the transition shade, this was the 4th shade on the 2nd row. I then put a little pop of colour on the centre of my lid the 4th shade on the 3rd row, just to make it seem like I put more of an effort and thought into this look, then I truly did at 8 a.m. I finally added a bit of shimmer into the inner corner using the 1st shade on the 3rd row, and then we are done with eyeshadow.


I quickly apply some mascara as it helps me look more awake when I would much prefer to be still asleep. I then put powder on my entire face to help add a bit of colour and get rid of the shine as my skin can be quite oily. Then I swipe a gentle highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones as this just helps you appear more refreshed and awake. I finally finish the look with a nude lipstick, such as Mac Velvet Teddy or a liquid lipstick such as Huda Beauty Sugar Mama.

5 Minute Makeup Look for University close up of eye look

Unless you’re a morning person, then you will realise trying to look on point in the morning, doesn’t really happen at university. Finding a simple makeup look that makes you look put together will be key when you are rushing for your lectures in the morning. This look took me just over 5 minutes in total, and I’m happy to walk out the door with this simple makeup look knowing I don’t look like a zombie no more. Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy makeup look and tell me below what your go to quick makeup look is!


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