The Best ways to use Pinterest As a Blogger

Amongst all of the multiple Social Media platforms that have great benefit to Bloggers, Pinterest happily sits amongst them all but the fear that deters some blogger from using it is not knowing exactly how to use the platform to its full potential or knowing the benefits of its content.

I think one of the most important things to know about Pinterest is that it is a hidden gem when it comes to social platforms for bloggers and, if used correctly to its full potential, can really boost your popularity. Pinterest, in a way, is its own little world and there’s ironically not much room for ‘Pinsta Fame’ – if you post good quality, informative and on-trend content, you’ll be reposted without such a large sense of hierarchy.

So, the best ways to use Pinterest as a blogger:

Join Boards.

On Pinterest you can join a board in which you and many other bloggers can contribute content and share your recent posts. If you’re looking for an ‘Insta pod’ or ‘Twitter group’ type thing but with out all of the convo, then you’d really like Pin Boards. As well as being able to contribute and share your own content with other bloggers, it’s a really fabulous way of seeing what kind of content people are producing, be inspired, and find new motivations.

Follow Boards.

Following relevant boards for blogs and blogging can really help with inspo for blog post ideas as well as giving top tips for all sorts from photography, writing and social media marketing. Great blogging boards include boards such as this one from Just A Girl and Her Blog, Vintage Brocante, Millennial Tools, Blog Pixie, and A Branch Of Holly.

Create Infographics for your blog posts.

Infographics are basically images in which you condense a blog post into. E.g. if you wrote a blog post about ‘Blog Post Ideas’, instead of posting an image of a flat-lay that suggests nothing about ‘Blog Post Ideas’ you could make an infographic that includes all of the ideas. While this may feel like you’re giving away your content and not actually drawing traffic to your post, you will find that if people like the graphic then they will be more likely to repost, follow and thus continuously see your content which will eventually result in them viewing your blog. Infographics may not be the most vital way of increasing blog traffic but they’re definitely beneficial for increasing your ‘credibility’ as a Pinterest user.

Use your board titles effectively. 

When thinking of Board titles make sure you are taking your audience into consideration and, most importantly, SEO. While you thought you only had to worry about SEO on your blog, we’re now going to throw Pinterest into the mix. A lot of the time, when you search something into Google, one of the top results is the search results on Pinterest. So how should you name your boards? In fact, It’s more about how you shouldn’t name them. If you have decided to name every one of your boards after Disney Princesses, regardless of the content that you will be basing there, then you aren’t like to appear in people’s search engines when they type ‘Easy Hairstyles’. Likewise, if you have boards that are just completely unorganised, you could be more likely to lose followers especially if you’re posting Home Decor pins in your Food board.

Cross Promote your Pinterest profile.

Don’t forget that Pinterest is social media too! When you’re scheduling your tweets, don’t forget to occasionally promote your Pinterest profile. As well as this, there are many easy ways that you can add your Pinterest feed onto your blog with widgets. Adding your Pinterest feed to your blog is a great way of showing your readers exactly what is inspiring you and what kind of vibes you wish to reflect.

Use keywords and don’t forget SEO.

Firstly, let’s get this out of the way: don’t bother with hashtags. They don’t work on Pinterest and are of no use to increasing your promotion. Pinterest, like Google (or any search engine) relies on Keywords. The platform finds credibility and relevance by analysing content and the amount of keywords used within and around it. For example, if you post a pin of your latest Chocolate Cake recipe and caption it ‘Was great until the dog ate it’, you’re more likely to appear in the search engines of those looking for Dogs than you are for Chocolate Cake recipes. However, if you create an Infographic which includes a title ‘Blog Post Ideas’ then caption the image ‘BLOG POST IDEAS // Looking for Blog Post Ideas to spice up your content? Check this out… [link]’ in which you have the Keywords ‘Blog Post Ideas’ appear 3 times, you’re a lot more likely to reach the exact audience that you’re looking for and thus bring in the traffic.

I hope these tips were of use to you and best of luck on your Pinterest adventures.

Find Alice here:

Twitter: @aliceroseglow

Instagram: @aliceroseglow



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