University Essentials!

September is fast approaching us; with a new set of students off to University in the coming weeks (myself included), I thought I would get together some of the things that I think are essential for moving in with.

I’m moving out for the first time in September, so bear in mind, I’m no expert on what to take, but here are some things that I think every student off to University MUST have.


We’ll start with the boring stuff, the bog standard set of cutlery, plates mugs etc. The things that no one is really too fussed about buying, but everyone needs. Alongside a grater, pots, pans, also scissors, they come in very handy; it’s okay to use these to cut pizza with, right?


Girls make sure that you’re on a reliable contraception, and boys wrap it up, the last thing you want happening is to have to drop out of your first year of University to become a full-time parent.

Thick Blanket

University halls, you get what you pay for, and often that means unreliable heating sources. If you’re like me and feel the cold ALL year round, a thick blanket would be perfect for you, they are great to just snuggle up in the winter months with, or even the summer months if you’re like me. I personally recommend Primark for thick blankets; they are student budget friendly, and so incredibly soft.

Selection of Clothes

Selection being the optimum word here, if its winter you really aren’t going to need that cute playsuit that you’ve packed, are you? Think tactically, the chances are your University wardrobe won’t be massive, so just take clothes that you know you’ll need, then when you travel back home switch them round.


I’m a very sentimental person; I’m also moving 4 hours away from all of my friends and family to go to University. Therefore I’m going to make sure I have a selection of photos with my friends and family, framed and ready to hang up, as I know it’s the sort of thing that will make me smile if ever I’m down.

I could go on for a lot longer, but I don’t want to bore you all, so I’m going to wrap this up here. I hope this has given any of you who are moving out an insight into what might come in very handy, and good luck to you all, remember to enjoy yourself but make sure you stay safe.

All my love,

Han xx

You can find Hannah here:

Instagram: @_han.armstrong

Twitter: @LifeWithHan99


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