The Best Places to Find Blog Inspiration When You’re Stuck for Ideas


We’ve all been there, you go for weeks on a roll, firing out high-quality blog posts with great photography left, right and centre, and then suddenly, NOTHING.

You go completely blank, the river of ideas in your head has dried up. Every interesting, creative and hilarious blog idea you’ve ever had seems to have vanished from beyond your reach, and I really don’t think there is anything more frustrating than that.

There’s nothing worse than sitting with your fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to type away, and nothing but metaphorical tumble weed doing the rounds in your head, so where do you go? What do you do? Who do you turn to?

Well, I’m going to share with you my top tips, tricks and places to look when you need to restart your blogger brain, and refuel yourself with new ideas.

Other Blogs

Now I’m not promoting copy right, or to be blunt, I’m not suggesting you rip off a fellow blogger, but there’s nothing wrong with turning to your favourite blogs for a little inspiration.

If you really admire the work of someone else and feel their content mirrors what you’re doing/trying to do on your blog, then having a browse through both their recent and older posts is a great way to give yourself an idea to help you get started again.

If you find an idea that you like, I’d always suggest taking a look at what they wrote about, what photography the used, and think how you could take inspiration from that, and do a post that is more true to you, whether that be changing the products, or the advice, or whatever the context may be.


It appears what they say is true, you literally can find anything on Google, including inspiration for a new blog post.

What I mean by Google, is a lot of blogs out there have done posts on ‘ideas for beauty blogs’ or ‘ideas for lifestyle blogs’ or whatever, so if you simply google what kind of blog ideas you’re looking for, I guarantee there’ll be someone out there that has already published a list of ideas that would suit your blog perfectly.

The best part of finding these kinds of posts, is that you could be faced with multiple ideas you like, which could give you a real head start with post ideas for the future.

Right in Front of You

Okay, so I don’t mean literally right in front of you (then again, who knows), but what I mean is, don’t over complicate things, stay true to yourself and take it back to basics, writing about the things you love.

A lot of the time, we lose focus on what we want to write about and in trying to grow our blogs and produce content that everyone will love, we just end up getting stuck, so take a step back, look around your bedroom or office, and pick an item that you love, and think ‘how can I make this a blog post?’.

I love doing posts on makeup, but often think ‘no one cares what my favourites are’, but then I think ‘does that matter?’, if you want to write a whole post about your new eyeshadow palette, or your current favourite lipstick, then do it. At least you’ll be uploading content and keeping your blog busy, and getting back into the flow of writing something, could spark a new idea.

Social Media

If you love a blog, or a YouTube channel, you probably follow the social media accounts of that person, and these can be full of inspiration.

Instagram is a great one – I’m a very visual person, so seeing pictures of something often helps to spark an idea in my mind. It can be as simple as seeing someone upload a picture of the scarf they’re wearing today, you might think ‘I have lot of nice scarves, I’ll do a post on that’, or an autumnal picture of a hot chocolate might get you thinking ‘I have a great hot chocolate recipe, I’m going to share that’.

Don’t just stick to reading the blogs, explore all the social media sites, you just never know what you’ll see or read that could kick start a great blog post idea.

So, there you have it, my top places to look for blog inspiration when you’re completely stuck. I hope this has helped to reignite that creative fire and has got pen moving again! Who knows, maybe you even got a blog idea from this post!

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5 thoughts on “The Best Places to Find Blog Inspiration When You’re Stuck for Ideas

  1. These were super helpful tips! I’m always in need of a little inspiration! I love your blog graphic! Looking forward to more posts about blogging because you give great advice!


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