Get your Blogging Motivation Back

We’ve all been there, knowing we want to post x amount of times a week and not actually getting anything up!

Sometimes we lack, or completely lose, all motivation and it can be pretty hard to get back on track. Luckily, as we’re all in this together, we’ve found a few ways to get ourselves out of the slum and want to share them with you!


Pinterest is always a go-to for us, for motivation in any form. It’s a great place to get blog inspiration from, whether that be post ideas or layout inspo! The pleasing aesthetic of peoples boards are enough to motivate us to get out blogging butts back in gear alone! There’s some real talent on Pinterest and people are putting their work out there for you to see! So use it.

Get out and About!

Don’t sit at home wallowing in self-pity. Get yourself up and out. Find something that inspires you to write, we can promise you’re probably not going to find it on the ceiling. Places like shopping centers could spark ideas for wishlists, or even a haul if you feel like splashing out! The outside and good old day out could prompt a lifestyle post, visit somewhere interesting. Make sure you take your camera with you!

Take to Twitter

Twitter is filled with fellow bloggers willing to help! If you can’t get yourself back up and running, turn to your twitter friends. Tweet out asking what you should do or for some inspiration to get back into blogging. Our community is constantly helping each other out on Twitter with getting back into blogging and finding some inspo. Sometimes talking to someone who understands is the best thing you can do!

Look back on your Work

Take a look back through your posts. Is there anything you could do a follow-up on? Or maybe in the past, you’ve posted a beauty routine, could you do an updated one? We don’t stay the same forever and posts you wrote one or two years ago aren’t always still true to you! You could even write a comparison post on how much you have changed since you started your blog. Looking at your old work can help you create new work.

Have a Blogging Makeover

A lot of the time losing motivation to blog is due to your lack of excitement with your website. We’re on the internet and everything is changing so quickly! We all want to keep up. Sit down and think if you want to change the way your blog looks. Try out a new theme or move some posts around, organise them into categories and subcategories. Once your blog is looking how you want it to, you may find you want to write some new posts! It’s long-winded but it’s totally worth it.

Get Yourself Organised

Grab yourself a planner! Sit and make a plan for your weeks ahead. Know exactly when you’re going to get something uploaded and when you have time to write it. Jot down all your ideas, plan your photos and anything else you may need. Sometimes when we have an action plan written down, we’re more likely to follow it through. If buying pretty stationary helps you even more then go for it! There is no right and wrong when it comes to being organised. Whatever works for you is great.


One thought on “Get your Blogging Motivation Back

  1. Love the motivation! I make spreadsheets for everything in Google sheets – I have a tracker with multiple sheets so all my ideas and schedules are in one place and I can access them anywhere, and I can link any post from Google docs right to the sheet. Is my OCD showing yet? 😂


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