Essential Blogger Props – Christmas Edition

We all know what it’s like, struggling to fill empty spaces in our flat lays. Wanting to keep up a festive theme but running out of ideas, fast!

Blogger props are popular items used in photo’s to bring colour, make it a bit more interesting, bring a seasonal feel or just fill space. They’re pretty much an essential for anyone wanting to take the perfect product photo and depending on what you have, you’re sure to spice up any image!

Christmas is just around the corner (eeeeek!) and we think it’s time to inject festivity into our photography. Thinking of getting into the Christmas spirit? Here’s our Christmas Blogger Prop Guide!

Fairy/Christmas Lights


How could we not include these. Fairy lights are pretty much an essential in most peoples homes nowadays so, you shouldn’t struggle to find any! If you already use fairy lights or want something a little extra festive, try colourful Christmas lights! We know none of you will say no to a trip to Homesense, so here’s a great excuse to get down there ASAP!



Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Tinsel can be the perfect prop to brighten up any photo and it come’s in basically every colour, so no worries about messing up your current theme! One of the best things about this prop is, it’s one of the most inexpensive we’ve found! Some shops sell 1 metre of it for as little as 99p. A bargain we can’t resist!

Candy Canes


Giant, regular or mini, we don’t have a preference! Candy canes are the ultimate Christmas treats and are sure to add a festive touch to any photo you have in mind. We’d advise buying a few more than you think you’d need, just in case they slip into your mouth… happens all the time!



Curl it, cut it or make pretty bows out of it. Present wrapping is one of our favourite activities and we definitely couldn’t leave out the ribbon! Just like tinsel ribbon comes in a huge variety of colours and is extremely affordable. You can re-use it til’ your heart’s content.

Christmas Candles


An obvious one, we know. We’re unsure of the scientific link between bloggers and candles but we can tell you they make excellent props in the backs of photos. Whether you want to light them or not! You can get some absolutely gorgeous scents! Some of our favourites include mulled wine and candy cane! These are like a double investment, they’re fab for photo’s but you’ll use them all the time in your room anyway!

Pre-Wrapped Empty Presents


Grab yourself a few empty cardboard boxes of any size you want. Get some really cute Christmassy wrapping paper. Tie a cute bow around it. You have yourself a DIY fake present! These make for a perfect background filler and look particularly good blurred out! The best thing is you can make them in any size so you’re prepared for any product shot (or selfie) you may need to take!

Fake Snow


Amazon and eBay will be your best friends for this, or you could try popping into your local craft store! Something to throw down before you lay your products is always a great shout. It mixes up plain backgrounds without drawing attention from what you’re actually photographing! You don’t have to buy white either, gold and silver snowflakes are pretty popular and they have the same festive feel! The only con to this one is cleaning it up, it can be a pain but anything for the shot, right?

Those are our essentials this year! Have anything to add? Let us know!

Happy blogging

The Blogger Crowd x



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